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Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers is the third mission in the Xylvanian Campaign.

Overview Edit

Colonel Austin leads the Commander in a final strike against the Iron Legion. The player must take the fight to the foundation of the Iron Legion, the Cenotaph. Heavy Tanks and gunships are continual dangers against the battalion as it advances toward the Cenotaph. The player enters the crater and destroys the four obelisks. When the player enters the area, Iron Legion troops spawn to defend their stronghold. With the obelisks obliterated the shields are dropped on the Cenotaph and it can be destroyed. An important secondary objective is freeing the captured Solar Empire fighters so they can combat the constant onslaught of gunships. After the destruction of the Cenotaph, the Iron Legion is wiped out and a battle emerges between Empress Lei-Qo and Countess Ingrid.

Units Edit


  • 4 heavy tanks
  • 2 anti-air vehicles
  • flame vets
  • grunts


  • 4 grunts

Iron Legion/Enemy

  • bazooka vets
  • heavy tanks
  • gunships


  • grunts

Strategy Edit

Take control of an Anti-Air Vehicle in the beginning, use it to quickly down the enemy gunships. Then transfer to a Heavy Tank and annihilate the 2 opposing Heavy Tanks swap to an infantry and free the Solar POWS. Then approach the Cenotaph and quickly blast the 4 obelisks with your units. Destroy the Cenotaph with all due haste before the hordes are summoned!

Trivia Edit

This is the only mission is BW1 where there are 4 factions on the field at once.

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