The Tundran Campaign was led by the Western Frontier as a counter attack to the invasion of Tsar Gorgi and his rouge Tundran army.

History Edit

30 years after the Border Wars, Tsar Gorgi give up his position of Ruler of the Tundran Territories to his son Marshall Nova, fearing that his son would eventually weaken the Tundran Territories, Gorgi launched an secret invasion to the Western Frontier.

After Marshall Nova found out about the attack he and Major Nelly took control of the army away from the Tsar and tried to hold back the Frontier, the Western Frontier led by General Herman, Brigadier Betty, and Colonel Austin attacked deep into Tundra winning multiple battles and destroying the infamous The Iron Eight elite tanks. The only know loss of the Frontier army was in the Campaign bonus mission. Before the Frontier could destroy the rest of their forces using a Bombing raid, Countess Ingrid attacked both armies as ordered by Kaiser Vlad. The Tsar had recently made a deal with Xylvania to unite against the Frontier but was betrayed. After the attack the two armies united against a common foe and for the first time in history the two factions fought together against the Kaiser.


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