In the Wi Fi co-operative mission UNDER SIEGE the Western Frontier and Tundran Territories work together to save the tundran city of Gorgisburg from Xylvanian battlestations and the mining spider.  The mission starts with the frontier controlling 2 AA vehicles and some bazooka veterans, and tundra controlling mortar vets and a battlestation.  The first objective is to destroy a fuel storage tank while avoiding gunships and heavy tanks.  Once that objective is complete, the players move on to try and destroy 3 anti-air towers.   They then receive some bombers and fighters, which they use to destroy the Xylvanian mining spider.  But be careful, enemy dreadnoughts are in the area!  Any lost air units are resupplied and then are used to destroy 4 battlestations approaching the Gorgisburg mausoleum.  You must destroy the battlestations before the mausoleum's health hits zero. 


This is a fairly complex mission, considering that it contains three separate sections.

Ground Assault Techniques:

  • Placing Frontier Anti-Air Vehicles a safe distance behind the battlestation, but close enough to defend both battalions from air attack.
  • Destroy the enemy RPG Towers with the battlestation's long range cannon as soon as possible, mainly because they pose a great danger to the Frontier AA Vehicles.

Mining Spider Air Assault Techniques:

  • Order your second bomber to attack the spider, while you attack the enemy Dreadnoughts.

Mausoleum Assault Techniques:

  • Attack one battlestation at a time, focusing on the forward two before they reach the mausoleum.
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