In both Battalion Wars and Battalion Wars 2, the Unit Dossier is a collection of information on in-game units.

Battalion WarsEdit

In the original GameCube release of the game, the Unit Dossier is provided in the form of seven pages in the "Field Manual" which came with the game. The Unit Dossier provides information on all of the Western Frontier units, from infantry to vehicles to aircraft (naval units were introduced in Battalion Wars 2). Information found in the Dossier can also be obtained in-game as the player advances through the game. Officer Profiles are also included in the Field Guide for every nation.

Battalion Wars 2Edit

In Battalion Wars 2 (released for the Wii Console) the Unit Dossier was included in-game and is gradually unlocked by the player as they progress through Campaign Mode. Unlike in the first game, the Battalion Wars 2 Dossier supplies information on units of all the nations' units. Concept Art can also be obtained in this manner as the player progresses.

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