Windsor's Column is a famous Anglo War Memorial, appearing to be dedicated to Colonel Windsor or one of his forebears. The memorial is located on an unnamed island off the south coast of the Anglo Isles (it's one of the few places in the Anglo Isles unnamed). The unnamed island appears to be based on shipbuilding (considering the war memorial, probably military ships) which is probably the main employer for the people who live in the small villages on the island. Specifically, The memorial is located at the far end of a long strip of dockland, full of cranes, cargo crates and warehourses. At the other end of the strip is the decorative Jubilee Bridge which may be somehow connected to the memorial.

The memorial features in Battalion Wars 2, in the mission, "Operation Reprimand". The island has been occupied by Solar-Tundra forces who have vandalised the beloved statue with graffiti. Windsor lands a small Anglo force on the island who destroy the island's anti-air defences which allows the elite "Clean-up Squad" to land at Castle Bergerac. Pierce then provides bombers to escort the squad along the dockland strip to the vandalised monument. A-Qira then reveals that the vandalism was just a lure and swiftly deploys his secret weapon, the Dreadnought, (which had been assembled on the island). A-Qira then attempts to destroy, the now clean, Windsor's Column with his powerful ship. Fortunately for Windsor, the ship is quickly sunk by the bombers.


  • Windsor's Column is based off Nelson's Column in Trafalgar Square, a tribute to the British naval hero who died at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805, in which the British lost no ships whilst the French-Spanish Fleet was ruined.
  • Nelson's Column is an actual column, with a statue of Nelson standing on top. Strangely, Windsor's Column isn't a column at all, just a square, short, stone podium with a massive golden (though, to be fair, it probably isn't actual gold) statue of Colonel Windsor on top.