Vital statistics
Participants Western Frontier and Xylvania
Location Beachy Point Island, Solar Empire

X-Day was a major Western Frontier offensive led by Colonel Austin against the Xylvanian force at Beachy Point Island in the Solar Empire.

The eventEdit

X-Day began when Western Frontier T-Copters began to swarm in and drop off multiple squads of grunts on the beach. Then, more T-Copters landed and dropped off Mortar vets and Assault vets, accompanied by a few Light Tanks. The Frontier battalion made their way up the beach and destroyed two units of Xylvanian artillery. With the artillery destroyed, the beach was officially under Frontier control. The next step was to secure a foward helipad to bring down reinforcements. Although the battalion was ambushed by Xylvanian acid gas troops, the battalion still managed to capture the Helipad and gain valuable reinforcements. The next objective was to secure the Xylvanian stronghold. Whilst en route to the stronghold, the battalion liberated Anti-Air troops that were captured and held prisoner. Then, the battalion secured the stronghold, where they freed two Frontier pilots and allowed them to get to their planes. However, Kaiser Vlad launched an all-out airborne assault, including a massive Strato Destroyer. The freed pilots accompanied by the freed anti-air vets managed to shoot down all Xylvanian aircraft, making the island officially under Western Frontier control.


The invasion secured a foothold for the remainder of the Solar Empire campaign, whilst crippling the Xylvanian hold in the area.


  • X-Day is an obvious reference to D-Day, and in many ways the events are similar. The Frontier must land on the beaches and defeat the defending Xylvanians in order to take the first step in liberating the Solar Empire. The U.S. had to land on the beaches and defeat the defending Germans in order to take the first step in liberating France.
  • X-Day may also refer to the planned Allied Invasion of Japan, known as Operation Downfall, which never occured because of the Japanese Surrender beforehand.
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